Huda Arabia Contracting Co also offer a wide range of flooring options to our customers. With increasing demand for quality flooring, we stepped in the market to bridge the gap and serve customers with the best quality and wide range of products..

  • Resilient flooring – Vinyl & Rubber Flooring
  • Raised / Access flooring
  • Wood Flooring – Hardwood flooring, Parquet, laminate flooring.

There are various types of concrete repairs including restoration, reinforcement, finishing, and maintenance. Cleaning and preparing the area is part of most concrete repairs. This can be performed with a variety of chemicals or organic compounds
The old concrete doesn’t bond with the new one without a cold joint or weak seal where they meet. We use special chemicals to make the cold joint that is stronger than the original surface which eliminates future cracking and complete waterproofing ability
Carbon Fibre laminates are applied for structural reinforcement of concrete, steel wood, and masonry. They are used for repairing the original bearing capacity, local strengthening of structural elements, and repair of design or execution errors
As one of the leading concrete repairs and strengthening specialized companies in the kingdom, we have the knowledge and ability to provide the best and most effective concrete repair and strengthening solutions to our customers. Huda Arabia Contracting Co. has expertise in the strengthening, maintenance, and repair of concrete structures such as commercial and residential buildings, water tanks, tunnels, foundations, bridges, runways, silos, swimming pools, columns, slabs, and beams. The procedures involved in the process include

  • Grouting
  • Cracks injection
  • Carbon Fibre reinforcement
  • Columns & beams Jacketing
  • Shotcrete
  • Rehabilitation of Concrete Structure.
  • Refurbishment of Pavements & Floors.
  • Concrete Protection.
  • Mini Piling.
  • Resealing Movement Joints.
  • Strengthening of construction elements.

Huda Arabia Contracting Co. also provides stamp concrete flooring and screed services, we bring experience, innovation, exemplary service to your facilities, our unique approach can be distinguished in the materials, quality, attention to detail and workmanship on each of our completed projects


Our Company has consistently embraced innovation to provide a superior level of this excellence for our customers


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